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Relaxed & Scenic

Relaxed & Scenic Tours are as our customers say “relaxed and scenic”. A range of guided tag-a-long tours for vehicles equipped with part time or permanent four-wheel drive and are suitable for show room condition vehicles as well as the more enhanced and personalised 4×4’s. Relaxed & Scenic Tours are a great introduction to green road driving or for those that are NOT looking for a mud plugging adventure. We drive at a relaxed pace at which to enjoy the surrounding countryside and its history.

Relaxed and Scenic Tours will provide you with a gentle introduction into green road driving and are ideal for families and making new friends. These tours are beginner friendly and also for intermediate and experienced drivers who enjoy the outstanding beauty of nature away from tarmac roads. Off road driving experience is not necessary; we will give you the support and guidance to increase your confidence to tackle more demanding terrain.

Relaxed & Scenic tours are a way of exploring ancient rights of ways that were once trodden by horse and cart, lead miners, soldiers, hill farmers and pilgrims along old drover’s roads and roman roads that are legal and safe to traverse. These tours are designed for novice ‘green road’ drivers and vehicles that would not normally venture off tarmac roads or those folks who wish to use their four-wheel drive vehicle to explore the road less travelled.

We blend a mixture of terrain to suit the vehicles and the environment, combined with a relaxed driving schedule that gives you the opportunity to appreciate your vehicles capabilities and the surrounding area.
Because of the nature of green road driving we need to make you aware that there is an element of risk of possible damaging your vehicle and / or its components. However we reconnoitre all our trails and tracks for suitability and safety so both the risk and the likelihood is low.

Hadrian’s Wall and the Tale of Two Tyne’s (Relaxed & Scenic) Tour
“This gentle tour runs parallel to Hadrian’s Wall in places with views along the Tyne Valley with trails following the North and South Tyne Rivers”.

County Durham Rambler (Relaxed & Scenic) Tour
“This gentle tour includes the highest green lane in England that once served the regions lead mine industry”.

North Yorkshire Moors, Beacon, Fords and Railway (Relaxed & Scenic) Tour
“This tour is in keeping with our relaxed and scenic tours on clear days with scenic views as we cross moorland, dales, a historic railway, one or two fords and a historical beacon”.

Yorkshire’s Roman Road and Beyond (Relaxed and Scenic) Tour
“A relaxed day taking a journey from the past and present. This route follows amongst other tracks a very well preserved ancient Roman Road”.

Northumberland South of the Border (Relaxed and Scenic) Tour
“A relaxed day taking in old drover and pack horse roads and ‘B’ roads exploring the Northumberland National Park”.

Rural Ripon and Reeth (Relaxed & Scenic) Tour
“This tour brings together a sample of green roads from the North Yorkshire Dales National Park. Exploring old trade routes across moors and dales”.