Adventure Tours information

Our Adventure Tour brand is just that an ‘Adventure’. Adventure Tours are a blend of green road driving that explores both driver and vehicle abilities and capabilities. Adventure Tour itineraries offer a combination of Trails and Tracks that frequently have a twist and includes something more technical that requires vehicles meet certain standards and levels of protection and equipment, as well as increased driver confidence and ability.

All terrain tyres are a minimum as is a vehicle with high and low ratio gears, locking differentials, raised air intake (snorkel). Underbody and side body protection such as steering and diff guards, tree and rock sliders are recommended. Special programmes offered by the various 4×4 manufactures such as Electronic, Limited Slip or Air Locking Rear Differential, Terrain Response, Command Trac and 4WD will usually be required during your adventure. We strongly advise that your vehicle has a full size spare wheel; space savers and/or repair kits are not recommended.

Adventure Tours are single day tours, weekend or longer tours with a comprehensive itinerary to make the most of your time with us. Adventure Tours in the UK include the Lake District and Wales. Tours across the English Channel and into Europe heading south to the French and Spanish Pyrenees, Andorra, French and Italian Alps, Portugal and destinations beyond such as Morocco are all in development.

Because of the nature of green road driving we need to make you aware that there is an element of risk of possible damaging your vehicle and / or its components. Whilst this is unlikely as we reconnoitre all our trails and tracks for suitability and safety both the risk and the likelihood is feasible on an Adventure Tour; even if this is ‘bramble rash’.

Adventure Tours itinerary includes:

Coast 2 Coast Adventure Tour
Starting on the North East Coast near to Whitby, in our 4×4’s we traverse some of the finest trails and tracks the North of England has to offer (sorry Northumberland) finishing on the Atlantic West Coast; this Adventure Tour over 3 days is a Mini Overlanding Experience, a must do, blending green roads with minor ‘B’ and ‘C’ roads to accomplish the tour, with a Relaxed & Scenic theme of green roads, suitable for the majority of 4×4’s.

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Smugglers Trails & Tracks Pyrenees Adventure Tour
We will be based in the Principality of Andorra. During the 1700’s smugglers of the area found it is easy to dip in and out of Andorra’s neutral borders; crossing to and from Spain and France during the Napoleonic wars, transporting illegal goods between the two belligerent countries. A legacy of the smugglers trade is the network of trails and tracks suitable for 4×4, 2 wheels and two feet of course.

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Portugal’s Douro Explorer Adventure Tour

The Douro is a river that has its source in Spain. Our journey begins at the small village of Paradela that marks the border between Spain and Portugal. A rugged region, with high slopes where the Douro winds between high granitic walls. Downstream of Barca d’Alva, both sides of the river become Portuguese, twisting and turning as large river cruise boats travel the final 130 mile of its course before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean in Porto.

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Wales Trails 3 Day Adventure Tour
The trails and tracks of North Wales offer some of the most splendid green roads in the United Kingdom, both for scenery and technical driving. Don’t let that put you off; we provide support and guidance throughout you time with Trails & Tracks from beginning to end.

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Lakes and Dales Adventure Tour
The English Lake District was recently awarded World Heritage status in 2017 and what better way to see it than from the comfort of your own 4×4. Two days spent in some of the most outstanding scenery in England. This Adventure Tour includes two full days driving in the heart of the Lake District and North Yorkshire Dales.

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Dark Skies Adventure Tour
Fancy an adventure with a twist? Green road driving but not like previously experienced, turning a Relaxed & Scenic route into something completely different … … in the dark?

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Yorkshire Peaks, Dales and Valleys Adventure Tour

The Yorkshire Dales National Park encompasses thousands of square miles of moors, valleys, hills and villages along with the never ending stone walls and many miles of green roads, that we can explore. Saturday night camping is included in this tour allowing us to chill and reflect on the day around the camp files. The camp site has clean modern facilities and is dog friendly.

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