A journey into the history of Norfolk & Lincolnshire this Grand Tour starts in Thetford Forest concluding south of Lincoln.

Day 1: The Peddars Way is an ancient road dating back to the Bronze Age, then developed into a military route in Roman times and later used by pilgrims during the 15th century. Ermine Street famously ran between London and York via Lincoln, but though an early Roman road, built by the 9th Legion as part of their advance northwards.

We start on the eastern edge of Thetford Forest driving a small section of Peddars Way before heading west into the Forest. One the western edge we turn north driving straight and flat green lanes and tracks. Passing through pig farms and the Sandringham Estate heading toward the coast at Hunstanton.

From here we head for our overnight accommodation for dinner, bed and breakfast in the seaside town of Hunstanton.

Day 2: On the morning we follow some of the great waterways of Lincolnshire with its different mostly arable farming. Picking out single track roads interspersed with trails and tracks we begin to make our way North on the afternoon following Ermine Street.

Ermine Street was a major Roman Road in England that ran from London (Londinium) to Lincoln (Lindum Colonia) and onto York (Eboracum). Also known as the Great North Road. However, we pass by some more modern sights in the various RAF and USAF bases on Lincolnshire to conclude the tour just south of Lincoln.

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