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Cumbria, Eden Valley & Yorkshire Dales Grand Tour

Start date: 16/10/2021

End date: 17/10/2021

Grand Tour

Cumbria GT Small

Cumbria, Eden Valley & Yorkshire Dales Grand Tour £300:00 Double or Twin / £240:00 Single.

A weekend exploring the highways and byways of Cumbria, Eden Valley & Yorkshire Dales over Saturday and Sunday. Including overnight accommodation at The Inn @Brough with Dinner, Bed and Breakfast.

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The Four Counties Grand Tour

Start date: 30/10/2021

End date: 31/10/2021

Grand Tour

1 County Durham Rambler

Cost: £300:00 Double or Twin / £240:00 Single

County Durham, Upper Teesdale, Cumbria and Northumberland, this north of England county trotting tour is a blend of history and nature. To take in all four counties at a relaxed pace we will stay overnight at the Teesdale Hotel in Middleton in Teesdale. Accommodation is included in the cost of the tour and is based on Dinner, Bed and Full English Breakfast £300 Twin or Double & £240 Single.

Dark Skies Adventure

Date: 06/11/2021

Adventure Tour

Dark Skies Adventure

Dark Skies Adventure, fancy an adventure with a twist? Green road driving but not like previously experienced, turning a Relaxed & Scenic route into something completely different an adventure, then read on …

Moors & Dales Grand Tour

Start date: 13/11/2021

End date: 14/11/2021

Grand Tour

Rural Ripon and Reeth 4296

Cost: £300:00 Double or Twin / £240:00 Single

The best of both worlds! A full day on the Saturday exploring the Yorkshire Dale’s before venturing into the Yorkshire Moors on the Sunday, after a relaxing evening at The Village Inn, Brompton near Northallerton.

County Durham Rambler (Relaxed & Scenic) Tour

Date: 13/11/2021

Relaxed and Scenic


This gentle tour includes the highest green lane in England that once served the regions lead mine industry.

Yorkshire Dales Grand Tour

Start date: 27/11/2021

End date: 28/11/2021

Grand Tour

Yorkshire’s Roman Roads and Beyond

Cost: £300:00 Double or Twin / £240:00 Single

Starting in Ripon this tour explores the green roads of the North Yorkshire Dales and Eden Valley. Weaving through valleys, uphill and down dale this tour certainly is Grand, and not only in a Wallace & Gromit Wensleydale Cheese fashion.