Trails & Tracks 4×4 Adventures

“Adventure isn’t paved!” is our motto and our aim is simple; that our unique brand of guided 4×4 adventures create memories for you to cherish. Our 4×4 tours provide a progression route of graded adventures to meet your skills and confidence as your sense of adventure grows.

We go to great lengths to preserve your time with Trails & Tracks. So much so, that we provide you with a collection of high-quality photographs of your adventure. The perfect reminder of your time on the trails and tracks.

Not forgetting a video reminder for you to watch over and over again on our YouTube Channel.

Our tours and adventures are not for mud pluggers, winch challenge or extreme ‘off roaders’. We are the opposite. Our tours are full days where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings in the company of like-minded people. That is not to say we don’t enjoy a splashy puddle or a great river crossing, a track with a twist, a cheeky little section, or a naught bit. Usually where the camera person gets a good soaking.

Throughout your adventure we offer you support and guidance before, during and after; our reputation is built on our care and attention to detail. With over 50 years combined experience in off road and green lane driving, we promote safe and responsible use of 4×4 driving; considering the safety of our guests and their 4×4’s alongside the sustainability of the green lanes we use.

We have three unique brands of 4×4 tours:

  • Relaxed & Scenic Tours
  • Grand Tours
  • Adventure Tours

Relaxed & Scenic Tours:

Relaxed & Scenic Tours are a way of exploring ancient rights of ways that were once trodden by horse and cart, lead miners, soldiers, hill farmers and pilgrims along old drover’s roads and Roman Roads that are legal and safe to traverse. Relaxed & Scenic Tours are a great introduction to guided 4×4 tours, driving at a relaxed pace at which to enjoy the surrounding countryside and its history. Relaxed and Scenic tours are suitable for most 4 wheel drive vehicles, including show room condition 4×4’s.

Grand Tours:

Grand Tours are a mini 4×4 adventure. They are an ideal opportunity to get out and explore more of the countryside in your 4×4 for more than one day. Grand Tours are weekend 4×4 driving holidays and are firmly based on our Relaxed & Scenic brand of tours. They include an inclusive overnight stay in a hotel that includes dinner, bed and breakfast.

Adventure Tours:

Adventure Tours are just that, a guided 4×4 adventure, over a weekend or extend travel both in the UK and Europe.

Adventure Tours are a mixture of green lane driving that expands the driver and vehicle abilities and capabilities; a blend of terrain that frequently has a twist. These will include something more technical sections requiring vehicles to meet certain standards, levels of equipment, driver confidence and ability.

Our current portfolio includes our Smugglers’ Trails and Tracks exploring the trails and tracks of Andorra, France and Spain. Watch out for more destinations to come as our sense of adventure grows, and of course we would love you to be part of our 4×4 adventures.

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