Fancy an adventure with a twist? Green road driving but not like previously experienced, turning a Relaxed & Scenic route into something completely different an Adventure Tour, read on … …

Starting off just as it is getting dark we drive one of our Relaxed and Scenic routes into the darkness; where everything takes a different perspective being limited by the night sky. Hopefully we get clear skies to make the scenery just that little bit more interesting. Even if the skies are cloudy it’s still a great experience.

Because of the challenges of night time driving we class this as an Adventure Tour a blend of green road driving that explores both driver and vehicle abilities and capabilities with a combination of terrain. The twist in this tour is ‘darkness’ making it a more technical drive that requires vehicles meet certain standards and levels of equipment, as with driver confidence and ability.

We therefore recommend all terrain tyres as a minimum as is a vehicle with high and low ratio gears, locking differentials, raised air intake (snorkel). Under-body and side body protection such as steering and diff guards, tree and rock sliders are a bonus.

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