I would like to thank, Ian & George for the trip we done on Yorkshire Moors, it was a brilliant day, the scenery was out of the this world, it was a bit dusty but that was no problem. Its second time i,ve had my little jimny off roading and it was went brilliant

Gordon, (Suzuki Jimny)North Yorkshire Moors, Beacons Fords and Railways Relaxed & Scenic

Hi Ian & George

Thanks for all the great photos and the videos. Me and Stuart thoroughly enjoyed our experience on the lanes with George. We had a blast of a day and would definitely recommend it to any of my friends.

Josh, (Full Fat Range Rover) North Yorkshire Moors, Beacons Fords and Railways Relaxed & Scenic

Another cracking day out with the T&T gang

It had everything you could ask for great like minded friends, mixed bag of lanes a little bit of water due to the lovely sunshine and lots of dust! Knew we should have packed the 🐫.

Thanks to George for his knowledge and fun facts about the area and leading the way.

Steve, Gail and Disco dusty Dave (LR Discovery 4) North Yorkshire Moors, Beacons Fords and Railways Relaxed & Scenic  

Gr8 day terrific weather and topped off with Homemade ice-cream on lunch stop Carlsberg don’t do 4×4 tours but if they did … …

Anne Marie & Adrian (LR Discovery3) Rural Ripon and Reeth Relaxed & Scenic

As always, a great day out with George and Ian. A good mix of lanes on a beautiful hot sunny day, just a shame the sun had dried up all the lovely puddles and water crossing, but it didn’t spoil a great day out with old friends and new. Thanks to Ian for leading the way, see you all next time😎

Steve, Gail and Disco (Dusty) Dave (LR Discovery4) Rural Ripon and Reeth Relaxed & Scenic

Thank You George for a fabulous day in the Dales we’ll look forward to joining you again soon.

Anne & Ian (LR Discovery2) Rural Ripon and Reeth Relaxed & Scenic

As usual had a fantastic day. Would recommend your tours to anyone who would like to go on one. Weather was great although a wee bit hot and dusty. Hope to see you all soon again in the near future.

Doug (LR Defender 90) Rural Ripon and Reeth Relaxed & Scenic

Rural Ripon & Reeth brought with it the customary sunny weather, which George arranges for most of his tours.  This is a tour I’ve done several times, in three different cars and today marked the maiden off-road voyage in my new-to-me Discovery 2 G4.  In honour of the famed G4 challenge, Land Rover marked the occasion with some limited edition cars and I’m lucky enough to own one of them.

As we hit the trails and tracks, I felt as if I was in a ‘proper’ G4 car – we certainly could’ve been traversing a desert, as the heatwave had dried the tracks and, even at 10 mph, we were generating plenty of dust. The sun was blazing and the car’s climate control was a veritable treat.  It was amusing to pass a gentleman on a mobility scooter, but the track was indeed a Byway Open to All Traffic.

One of my favourite things about any tour with Trails & Tracks is that there’s plenty of time to stop and appreciate the scenery, have a bit of a natter, and then slowly start on our way again.  And so to lunch and yet another treat.  We stopped at an ice cream parlour and after a picnic with my daughter, we went to choose our treat.  I was more than delighted to see that Brymor catered for people with diabetes, so I indulged in a diabetes-friendly vanilla cone with a generous blob of cream on top.  My daughter thoroughly approved of her strawberry ice cream, complete with a little tub of strawberry sauce.

The afternoon drive was every bit as pleasurable and scenic as the mornings had been and we visited one of my favourite lanes, where we drive along a river. Predictably, the river was very low, but that didn’t bother me at all.  I was driving an unmodified, standard Discovery with road tyres so, for once, I regulated my splash accordingly!

There always seems to be a playground on George’s routes, so when we stopped for a comfort break, my 22 year old daughter couldn’t resist the zip slide.  Actually, the owner of Disco Dave had to have a go too, which raised a laugh.  It’s the laughs and friendships that are formed that make these days so special.

Returning to Reeth, I received my much-anticipated new sticker for Farquaad, my D2.  Thank you, George!  Next time you see Farquaad, he’ll look and feel somewhat different, as an extensive modification programme is commencing next week and we look forward to the next 6 tours we have booked with you during 2018.

We finished the day with a good old natter the more we go out with our friends (old and new) at Trails & Tracks, the more shared memories are created, which always makes for a great session of reminiscing! Thanks George & Ian for another fab day out and about!

Fran, Jen & Farquaad (LR Discovery2) Rural Ripon and Reeth Relaxed & Scenic

As usual and as expected we had a fabulous day out in the Dales. Good, friendly company, great weather (too dry for any water splashes) and wonderful scenery from God’s own County. George, as always has an amazing knowledge, not only of the tracks but the scenery and landscape that accompany them. A new slant for us was the drones, can’t wait to see the footage from them. A great pity that one of them had to attempt suicide onto a stony track, hope it’s fixable. Enjoyed the ice cream break at Brymor farm.

Brian & Sue (LR Defender 90) Rural Ripon and Reeth Relaxed & Scenic Tour

Another great day out with friends old and new. The County Durham Rambler is one of our favourites with great lanes and scenery. Thanks to Ian for leading the way, roll on the next one

Steve, Gail and Disco Dave (LR Discovery 4) County Durham Rambler Relaxed & Scenic

Had our first adventure out with George and Claire last weekend. What a great day it was. We have a Nissan Xtrail and found the ‘relaxed and scenic’ tour perfect for our vehicle. Really good fun being in convoy with the others! George was very friendly and made us feel very welcome on the day, not to mention the others in the group. Weather you’re an avid ‘green laner’ or like us just want to try something new and exciting, you like a road trip, great scenery, a little pit stop for picnicking out of your boot and great people, then try this!

Josh & Olivia (Nissan XTrail) North Yorkshire Moors, Beacon, Fords and Railway Relaxed & Scenic

Thank you for such a fantastic day, it was incredible, the scenery fantastic. Relaxed and scenic was by far the best description, your leadership throughout the day was brilliant, the company with all the other guests was great, thank you once again for an awesome day.

Anthony (LR Discovery2) North Yorkshire Moors, Beacon, Fords and Railway Relaxed & Scenic

Thank you for a great weekend, we had a very enjoyable experience. It was very much appreciated what you did for us especially guiding us through some of those tricky paths and stream crossings. The one on one tuition was excellent and needed to guide us through without causing serious damage to our bog-standard Freelander. My wheels escaped unscathed.
The accommodation was very cosy and very friendly, and the staff deserve a pat on the back for their services. Could do with a different set of wheels and tyres and another couple of inches in height I mean. LOL. Thanks again for a great weekend.

Gordon & Barbara (LR Freelander 2) Northumberland Grand Tour

Just a quick thanks for a great weekend tour. Good routes, good accommodation and good company. Will have to see what else we can plan in with Tracks & Trails this year. But first to clean and dust the car!

Alan & Sue (LR Defender 90) Northumberland Grand Tour

“My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” (Forrest Gump, 1994) This seems a good way to describe Trails & Tracks’ most recent offering. I’d called myself a ‘seasoned regular’ on George’s tours, having been on the road (or, more accurately, off the road) with George for the best part of two years now.

The weekend just gone combined routes I’d done twice before, but the combination of the weather, the company and the scenery have made this the best tour I’ve done with Trails & Tracks. As I write this review, I’m really struggling to find the right ‘angle’ – so that is probably where I will start. Although I’m an ‘old timer’, this was only my 2nd time out as the sole driver of my Discovery 2 on a tour. With my good friend Gill at my side for company, and the CB radios for guidance from George and support and laughs from the other cars, how could one feel ‘alone’?

If I had to describe the 2 days, I’d say they were perfect in composition of the routes. Day 1 took us south and then North of the Tyne, into Hadrian’s Wall country. It’s a part of south west Northumberland that I particularly love, having lived there for a couple of years and it was great to return. The nature of the lanes was such that it made an enjoyable drive, with nothing technical or challenging, and so it lent itself to pure relaxation and laughs aplenty. And this is the magic George somehow instils into these tours – with a combination of old friends and new ones made on the day, to me it felt like I’d known everyone for years. Some I’ve known so long now it reminds me of putting on a comfy pair of old shoes!!

And that was the atmosphere that continued as we checked into the hotel. On the weekend tours, Trails & Tracks book the hotel, which includes dinner, bed & breakfast, so it’s just a matter of getting your room key and selecting your dinner choices from the varied menu. Gill & I made a beeline for our room, which was a huge family room. We could have held a dance in the bathroom (if we’d had the desire to do so!). For us, it was a quick freshen up and straight down to the immaculately manicured beer garden. I say ‘beer’; and this was probably our comedy moment of the weekend. The hotel had sold out of Prosecco, but offered us an alternative Portuguese bottle. It’s a good job we all have different tastes and I’m pleased we tried it, but it was the colour of screen-wash (who’s actually had blue wine before?!) and led to much hilarity amongst the group. I have to say it’s not what I’d buy again, so after dinner I moved onto a lovely couple of Irish coffees in the bar.

Day 2 dawned and the weather was once again at its best. A hearty breakfast proved the perfect start to the day, as we made our way into the Cheviot Hills. This has always been one of my favourites, but I have to say it is now my absolute favourite, having pushed the County Durham Rambler into position 2 in my ‘Charts’. (If you haven’t tried the Rambler by the way, you simply must, because it’s another stunner). The 1st half of the day included some splashy fords and properly green lanes, through meadows and pastures full of proud ewes with their offspring. Lunch was another bring-your-own; and we settled in the Ingram Valley, in the sun. I can’t really think of a better place to sit, with a pasty and a can of pop on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

The second part of the day was certainly scenic (& relaxed), but with a little touch of technicality thrown in here and there. Don’t let the term ‘technical’ put you off. I’ve done the route myself in a standard Ssangyong Rexton van before, with very standard road tyres, so it’s entirely do-able. George, as always, is on hand to spot all party members through the more ‘interesting’ parts. I was stunned by the versatility of a very nice Freelander in front, with no body lift and ‘normal’ tyres. Whatever you’re driving, there’s always a technique, angle or line that George will share – so whilst the Freelander was advised to straddle the ruts, George advised me that my somewhat modified D2 had the height to go into those ruts.

Two (well three really) fords finished the weekend off perfectly. The final offering was a cheeky little ford, with a descent down rocky steps, into a river of large rock slabs, out the other side and up more rocks, finished with a tight hairpin. I went up onto the footbridge to watch the friendly Freelander do its thing, expertly guided by George. Two things amused me at this point, the 1st being that George shouted up “are you doing this ford then, Fran?”. I was so entertained by watching that I’d forgotten I was next in the queue! Secondly, I’d ‘forgotten’ I’m not agile anymore – I’d jumped up a bank to get to the footbridge and couldn’t get down again :). I was able to reach Arty my D2 for support, so hopped into the driver’s seat. If I could’ve handed the car to one of the guys at this point, I would’ve done but I’m so pleased I didn’t. George was right there, guiding me literally every step of the way.

“1st gear, slowly does it, a little to the left, a little to the right, straighten up. Through the river and then you’ll need some momentum to get over the rock on the hilly ascent at the other side. Plenty of momentum, feel the front wheels go up and then maintain that momentum until you feel the back wheels follow”.

And that was it, I’d done it!! Full of adrenaline, I was so pleased that I’d done it! When I’d had my back bumper replaced 3 days before, the pressure was bound to be on. I didn’t want to stall, roll back and break my new-to-me bumper, so I was smiling.

Back to the box of chocolates. You really do never know what you’re going to get. There are always new people to meet and even familiar lanes are different each time. The weather’s different, the lighting different; our British weather influences the terrain, so it will never be the same twice. It just takes a spell of rain, or the heavy snow of the winter just gone, and ‘old favourites’ take on a new line off approach because of washouts. Even something as simple as a fallen branch from a tree can re-route the flow of a ford travelled many times before.

How would I sum up the weekend in a chocolate then? Saturday was a strawberry crème; Sunday more of a caramel – a little more work to chew, but so worth it!

Fran & Gill (LR Discovery2 aka ArtyD2) Northumberland Grand Tour

Brilliant time on the recent grand tour of Northumberland. George is a fantastic host, from the outset we were made welcome not only by George but by others on the tour, he is extremely knowledgeable and provided advice and guidance when needed. Lots of laughs and fantastic memories made on the way, fab photos taken by George throughout which are all available to view after the tour to keep those memories alive!

Mandy, Debbie & Sue (LR Discovery3) Northumberland Grand Tour

Another fantastic trip with George and Ian (Trails & Tracks 4×4 Adventures). A great group of people, absolutely stunning scenery and some cracking food / beer!

Chris & Mark (LR Discovery3) Wales Trails 3 Day Adventure Tour

Another fantastic weekend with the Trails & Tracks gang! Fun filled with a great group of friends lots of laughs a few beers, three days of cracking lanes a great mix for everyone. A big thanks to George and Ian for organising the Wales trip looking forward to the next one!!

Steve & Gail (LR Defender 90) Wales Trails 3 Day Adventure Tour

Three amazing days in the Welsh hills, George, Ian and Paul made sure that this was a special trip for everyone who came along. Split into 2 groups, you have so much time to watch the others doing the ‘exciting’ bits, all with expert instruction from our leaders. Plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and to chat about your cars etc.  Even if you are new to this kind of driving, never fear, plenty of advice on which gear, low or high ratio or one of the special programs that your car may have. Excellent food, and great evenings when you all get back to talk about the day. And it doesn’t end there, photos galore will follow to remind you of your weekend.  Thank you George, Ian and Paul and everyone who was on the trip. A great weekend.

Edward (LR Defender 90) Wales Trails 3 Day Adventure Tour

Well yet another Fantastic time with the dynamic duo of George & Ian. Thank you both for the Wales adventure and to Mr Ed for talking you into it. It was as per an amazing time with fab company, stunning views and a couple of slippery moments but those just keeping your skills, knowledge & know how polished to perfection!! Well done 1 and all till the next 1.

Anne Marie & Adrian (LR Discovery 3) Wales Trails 3 Day Adventure Tour

First Grand Tour I’ve been on. Loved every minute and would recommend to everyone. Was a delight just to jump out of the truck at the lovely hotel that had been arranged and not have camping gear and meals to sort. Also, great to be with a group of likeminded people and led by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide with a great sense of humour. Will definitely do it again. Thank you.

Chris & Red (LR Defender 110) Yorkshire Dales Grand Tour

Just wanted to write a quick review and say thank you to George and the team for a truly memorable experience on my first Grand Tour in Yorkshire.
I’m pretty much a novice at green lanes, and was a little hesitant at joining a tour, but soon realised it was the best thing to do to get to know the capabilities of my car a little better. It usually pounds the tarmac of South East England, so swapping that for something a little more rural seemed like a good idea.
I wasn’t disappointed. George took us on a number of different routes with each having its own challenge. Muddy ruts, narrow paths, steep descents, wading a (shallow) river… and that was just the first day. Always on hand with a hint or tip about getting the best out of the vehicle, or advising on the terrain and how to approach it, George was on the radio throughout, or waiting patiently by the side of the track as we took on the various challenges in turn, and with a ready comment to make as we completed each.
Overnight accommodation was perfect for what we needed, food was great and the company grew just a little closer over a few beers. Great spot, George!
Day two was another set of challenges, including a steep climb on a narrow path, rocky moorland paths, more water, and more mud. The routes chosen made sure there was minimal tarmac in between, plenty of stops and plenty of scenery. I can’t really imagine what more could be fitted in, or how this would have been a better tour – it seemed pretty perfect to me just as it was.
Day two ended around 5pm, radios handed back, thanks and goodbyes made. I was sad to leave – it felt that in just two days I’d not only got to understand the car more, but I’d made friends with a group of like-minded people. George facilitated the days expertly, and I am delighted with how it all turned out.
I cannot recommend this highly enough. It didn’t require highly technical driving, but there were enough thrills to make this a first-class tour for novices and experienced drivers alike. It was a gentle stroll through some outstanding scenery, with a delightful group of people and an expert tour leader. By far the best weekend of my year so far – I hope to book on to another one very soon!
Thanks George, Denise and Claire – you’ve made a big impression and I had a wonderful weekend with you and the group!

Hal & Hayley (LR Defender 110) Yorkshire Dales Grand Tour

Thanks George for another fantastic day out keep up the good work, some amazing photographs. Let me know if anyone cancels in the near future and if we can be there we will. Thanks once again

Mark & Ali (LR Defender 110) Rural Ripon and Reeth Relaxed & Scenic

Thanks for the experience, a well thought out and organised tour, nothing was a bother and there to help all the way with conditions and use of our choices of car, my first but certainly not my last!

Lee & The Mystery Machine (Subaru Forester) County Durham Rambler Relaxed & Scenic

After a couple of false starts for us in 2018, my Discovery 2 finally found himself in off-road action on Saturday with the Trails & Tracks gang, headed up by the ever-friendly George & Ian. With the ‘Beast from the East’ well behind us, we were excited to see a light dusting of snow as we drove across the moors to the start point.
The excitement continued as we ascended our first lane of the day. By this time, the snow showers were building in intensity and, back on tarmac, the conditions became ‘interesting’ as the beast bit back! The hill descent control on the Disco wasn’t playing ball (it’s a toy that I only occasionally use), so I decided on low-box to descend a long hill. As George says “take your feet off the pedals and let the vehicle do the work”.
The second lane is one I’ve frequented many times with George & Ian previously. It’s a good lane, with deep ruts, rusty gates and usually lots of mud. Today, it was a lane too far – we watched Ian try to conquer the 1st snowdrift and it was quickly clear that it was not to be. This particular lane goes probably a good mile or so and there wasn’t a chance we’d all get through, so we continued on ‘tarmac’ (well, snow!). At this point I decided discretion was indeed the better part of valour, so I jumped across into the passenger seat to allow my husband to drive, knowing it was a long way down a big hill to get back to the main road through Weardale.
You can’t take anything away from George & Ian; they did their best to battle on. Both groups made it a fair way up England’s highest green lane, where we stopped for photo’s, to admire the views and to freeze! Ian set off up the track to see if our pursuit of height was a possibility – alas, it was not to be.
Making lemonade out of lemons, we diverted to a beauty spot beside a reservoir, for more photo’s. The spray from the reservoir was literally turning to ice as it blew up over the dam walls.
Time was pressing on, so it was soon time for a stop for loo’s, packed lunches and to have a brew. The weather was deteriorating rapidly. However, some children in our party had fun sledging, whilst Millie the Labrador performed taste tests with the guests’ food.
George & Ian set off in Ian’s D2 to assess the road we’d need to travel to get to the next lane. They returned shaking their heads. The road was impassable.
As the afternoon’s activities were due to conclude in Stanhope, and the only way was via the road from Nenthead to Killhope (which ascends to almost 2000 feet), George & Ian made the wise decision to curtail the day’s events, due to deteriorating weather conditions. There followed a picturesque drive back down to dale to the finish point.
Anyone can get in their 4 x 4 and go driving in the ice and snow. It takes experts to know when to stop. Yes, it’s fun off-roading, but the lanes will be there another day. Saturday further reinforced what I already knew about Trails & Tracks and their team – safety comes first. And that, for me, is one of the secrets of their success to date and no doubt well into the future.

Fran, Simon & ArtyD2 (LR Discovery2) County Durham Ramble Relaxed & Scenic

After going on 2 weekend tours and a number of day treks and more booked with George and Ian we’ve not had a bad tour yet and on a recent tour having a number of issues pop up, both were very helpful in getting us going again and again and again; can’t recommend Trails & Track enough whether new or experienced to Overlanding / green laning.

Andy, Liz and the kids (LR Discovery2 G4) Dales & Moors Grand Tour

Just had a great weekend on the Dales and Moors Grand Tour. George has an excellent knowledge of all the trails and tracks, and in a very friendly manner, gives excellent advice on how to approach the trickier parts. At no point did we feel worried that our vehicle might struggle or that it might get damaged. These relaxed and scenic tours are suitable for a wide range of 4×4’s and will also suit people with little or no experience.

Les & Jane (Defender 130 “Dream Catcher”) Dales & Moors Grand Tour

Another great weekend organised by George and Ian. Really enjoyed the scenic lanes with the mix of fords and muddy puddles, will get you one of these days Ian (lol). A good overnight stay with a group of likeminded friendly folk in a lovely hotel. Roll on the next tour

Steve & Gail (LR Defender90) Dales & Moors Grand Tour

Another great weekend under the stewardship of George and Ian, once you’ve tried a relaxed and scenic or two I’d definitely recommend stepping up to a Grand Tour. The accommodation, food and the odd ale or two were everything we could have hoped for and staying with the group gave everyone a chance to share some stories. More like going away with friends than a company, looking forward to Wales … … …  I think!!!

Adam (Discovery1 Tdi) Dales & Moors Grand Tour

Had another fantastic experience with Trails & Tracks this weekend. Can’t praise them enough for their friendly expertise and knowledge. If you fancy testing your road going 4×4 then you won’t beat a relaxed and scenic tour. Thanks once again for a brilliant weekend!

Martyn & Sylvia (VW Touareg) Dales & Moors Grand Tour

Had a boss day with these guys, definitely be going on another trip very soon, would recommend to anyone of my 4×4 friends.

Greg (LR Disco2 Overlander) Dales & Moors Grand Tour

Thank you to Ian (our host) and George, fantastic day out as usual, great to see old and new faces and after looking at the many photos I wished id done the whole weekend. Keep it up chaps how do you perfect perfection. Maybe a trek on the moon !!!!!

Mark (Defender 110) Dales & Moors Grand Tour

Dark Skies Adventure was a great night out with a great group of friends. It really was a different experience in the dark, fog, drizzle with great lanes, sometimes a bit more like hound of the Baskerville than star gazing!!! We did enjoy it greatly. Thanks to Ian for leading the way on what was a really fun night ….. maybe next time we should go on Halloween 👻👻👻👻

Gail, Steve and shiny ninety (LR Defender90) Dark Skies Adventure

An excellent adventure, something different that I really enjoyed (and the weather spiced up!). Will definitely do again, as long as you have more ham and pease pudding sandwiches.

Carl (Nissan Navarra) Dark Skies Adventure

Another great unpaved adventure made all the more entertaining by the weather, looking forward to more of the same in 2018!

Adam (LR Discovery1) Dark Skies Adventure

Thanks for another brilliant day! Lots of water to have fun crossing. It’s great to have your expertly taken photos to look back on as a memento.  Was it really that deep?!?! Thanks again and will be back on another tour next year.

Sion (LR Discovery3) Northumberland South of the Border

A good day out with the ever funny and informative George and a great bunch of people. As always, the day fly’s by with a good mix of lanes, rivers and fords, does exactly what it says on the tin relaxed and very scenic. Roll on the next tour

Gail, Steve and the shiny ninety (LR Defender90) Northumberland South of the Border

Many thanks for a well run trip from Wooler to Morpeth. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The whole trip was well run, ensuring everyone was comfortable with what we were going to do, and great care was taken to ensure our prized possessions were taken care off. Thanks for all of the pictures too, a lot of effort, but such good memories of all the cars, and great to see the 2 Jeeps on the run. Looking forward to the next one.

Edward & Darren (LR Defender90) Northumberland South of the Border

Just returned from our first event with trails and tracks and this will not be our last. An extremely well managed day with emphasis on safety and good communication combined with an informative and very relaxed run. What better a way to see Northumberland’s hidden scenery and fords than travelling along some of its historic lanes. For us this weekends three hundred mile trip was worth every minute.

Anna & Ross (Jeep Wrangler) Northumberland South of the Border